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What’s in a Scar?

There are many things that we can treat when a patient first comes in to see us but a scar is one of the most important. Scars throughout the body can be like tree roots through a house, disrupting its foundation and throwing the unit off balance.

When one has a scar it needs to be pliable and move with the rest of the tissues around it. Scars that are tight, tender, hard, puckered or inflamed are still viewed by the body as an injury no matter how old it is. When scar tissue doesn’t move with the tissue around it, it changes the way your body reacts to a strain or impact. This can reduce the bodies ability to protect its vital organs. We also need to remember that a scar is deep, just because the skin looks normal on the surface it doesn’t mean the scar tissue is healthy.

We can improve the pliability of scars by gently unwinding the fascia and connective tissues, keeping in mind that even old scars are still fresh injuries to the body and need to be treated with respect. By having your scars treated you will permit your body to truly forget the injury and move on into a healthier and more mobile state.

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