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What is Fascia Stretching?

Fascia is the connective tissue that flows throughout the body, enveloping and influencing all other structures. Because of this, it is very susceptible to dysfunction in the form of repetitive strains or posture. Fascia stretching is a form of treatment that affects the fascia of the body, and therefore can affect many structures, not just muscle. During the treatment, the therapist will assess tension in the limbs of the body to find where the most tension is being held. The treatment is not painful, but it can feel like a strong stretch that gradually subsides as the tissue releases.

Following the treatment, it is normal to feel very loose, and even tired. Try not to do anything too strenuous after the treatment, but be sure to stay mobile to re-educate the tissue. As with every style of massage, always maintain a verbal communication with your therapist. While fascia stretching can be more intense it should never cause injury. Be sure to tell your therapist if you feel there is too much stretch being applied.

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