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Educating Yourself

The Internet age has created a society that has an endless supply of information at the tips of their fingers. While this is a good thing, it has also create a group of clients that are very educated in the causes of their aches and pains and tend to truly take charge of their health and their rehabilitation. This can create a challenge to a massage therapist.

Education is never a bad thing, but incomplete information can be. Doing a Google search on neck and shoulder pain will come up with various key words such as bulged discs, fractured vertebrae or degenerative disc disease. While these are definite causes of shoulder and neck pain, they also tend to be on the far end of the spectrum. More often than not people tend to deal with posture or musculoskeletal dysfunctions causing the pain but Google doesn’t know you or your pain. It is also almost impossible for anyone, professional or not, to identify or diagnose a problem over the Internet.

The solution is to remain educated, but don’t count on the Internet to identify what is causing your pain. Registered Massage Therapists are trained to identify red flags that may appear with a pathology, and know to refer these cases out to a more qualified health care professional such as a medical doctor. If ever in doubt yourself, visit your family doctor or walk-in clinic for a diagnosis or for a referral to a specialist. This will help clear up any concerns you may have prior to going for a massage therapist.

Regardless of the cause of your discomfort, take the advice of the professionals you visit to heart. They are valuable sources of information and assistance that take a personal interest in your health and well being. We also tend to be a little more personable than Google.

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