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Conquer the Slouch

We all know we should have better posture, to “stand up straight” or “stop slouching” but sometimes that is easier said than done. Before we can understand how to have good posture we need to understand exactly what posture is. In osteopathy we view posture as the body’s expression of what is happening inside.


The body can adopt a certain posture for many reasons, sometimes it’s a work related position or a habitual reason. Other times there may be a stimulation of one part of the nervous system that is either too strong or too weak. The body also shows how well its compensating for injuries through its posture and position in space.


Poor posture can contribute to chronic body pain, headaches, digestive problems, weak joints and/or poor sleeping habits through muscular imbalances and compression of one body segment onto another.


Through treatment we help the body restore its natural balance and free up any dysfunctions that prevent the body from compensating properly. This improves function and allows the body to be stronger and work better. Improving the body as a whole allows it to express itself in correct posture.

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