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Four important times to go for a massage.

“I never know when to go for a massage.”

This question gets asked from time to time, but the answer is a difficult one. So here is a short list of times to go for a massage.

1.) Your health care professional tells you to go to see a massage therapist.

Whether it is your doctor, chiropractor, physiotherapist or even dentist, they probably have a good reason for sending to for a massage. It might be to assist them in their jobs, to reduce symptoms of a complaint you had, or because they just think you need one. Listen to the professionals.

2.) You are in pain, somewhere, anywhere on the body.

A registered massage therapist is trained in specific assessment and treatment of the body. This means they can help you in reducing your pain by not only treating the symptoms, but also treating the actual cause.

3.) Improving your quality of life.

Reducing pain, isolating muscle or joint dysfunctions, improving range of motion, or even reducing stressors on the body can all help improve your overall quality of life. This will overall, make you just a little bit happier, friendlier, and healthier.

4.) Your massage therapist tells you to come back again soon.

If your therapist tells you to come back, they feel it is necessary for a return visit to help you in your recovery. Listen to them, just because you feel fine, doesn’t mean the problem is gone.

Whatever the reason for going for a massage, be sure you keep good communication with your therapist at all times. This will make the massage more beneficial for you, and more enjoyable.

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