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First Year of Osteopathy is Over!

First year of osteopathy has come and gone, and despite the massive amount of knowledge that was picked up through class and osmosis (sleeping on textbooks), I find that I am still the same person looking for the answers.


I have changed my treatment protocol, even shied away from doing deep tissue work (gasp, right?) but I still have clients coming to me. Unfortunately, no more relaxing massages, but that cranial work will make you snore within seconds. No more ‘it hurts so good‘, but a lot more of ‘it hurts no more‘.


But what was first year all about? Here’s a few highlights:


1.) Stop searching and feel. Let the body tell you what it wants, It knows better than you.

2.) If it doesn’t work, you are doing it wrong, or at the wrong time.

3.) Search for the primary dysfunction, not the symptoms.

4.) French guys are cool, especially when they have squeaky shoes. 50-50.


Of course I learned more, but that can’t be just explained, so stop in for a visit, and experience it yourself.

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